About Me

Thank you for visiting my website! I am so excited to share with you, Boss Lady Gone Mom! Let me share with you who I am and why I created Boss Lady Gone Mom!

Being a full-time working mom means that my plate is always full. I am an administrator in an elementary school, a mom of two children (teenagers, YIKES), a wife, a dog mom, and a doctoral students. YES! I surely have my work cut out for me and keep busy. Even though my plate is full, I always manage to find a spot to fit in one more thing…big or small. And here we are! Creating websites and blogging.

Blogging has given me the opportunity to share me with you. I started this website to share my experiences as an educator, which I know can be so trying since COVID. I also want to share my experiences as a mom both from the working experience and home life, my favs and finds in fashion, health and wellness, and finding balance in all of this for myself.

I truly believe that the older we get the more we need to stop are realize that there are thing bigger than us, bigger than the problem we may be facing at that current moment, and really just learning how to embrace and juggle it all. And to be honest, if I can…it’s nice to know that there are people who have and maybe even are experiencing things that we are as well. And to have support and connection with someone else knowing that things will take a turn for the better.

So, join with me and Welcome to Boss Lady Gone Mom. I may be a Boss Lady, but I will always be a MOM first.

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