Career Mom

Welcome to my “Career Mom” section!

Being a Career Mom isn’t easy, that’s for sure! I’ve always wanted the best of both worlds…if that’s possible. I started out as a teacher in education and then slowly desired more. I wanted more! I knew that I had more in me and wanted to have a different effect in education. As time went on in my teaching career, I knew I was capable of more, had more to offer, and more to say. My perspective in education started to change, so I headed into administration.

I found myself now wanting a career that meant setting the tone for a change in my path, a path that had bigger things that lied ahead. I had to take many things into perspective and thought before taking this action-schedules, longer days, more demands, pressure, situations that would require a different focus. It was a lot. It IS a lot. Do I thoroughly I enjoy it! Overall, yes! Are there always going to be days that are bad and good? Yes. Did I need to learn how to separate myself, separate work and home, and balance? Yes.

Join with me as I share my journey through motherhood, ‘career-hood’, and finding balance amongst it all.