How I’m Getting My Balance

78% of moms don’t take time for themselves

How YOU can Change that. I know, I know! You’re thinking “there’s NO extra time in my day.” “How can I possibly “take time for myself.”

Just like you, I was always thinking there’s not enough hours in the day. If I don’t do this or get it done, who will?

When people ask, “Hey, come with us.” I automatically think, I can’t go, Who’s going to watch the kids?

The line of reasons….or shall we call them excuses about WHY moms are not taking time for themselves.

The WHY we can’t as moms can go on forever, BUT what happens if we were to actually take some time DAILY, not weekly, not monthly, not yearly for ourselves.  What if we, moms, get rid of the Mom Guilt that is automatically created the day we become moms and parents.

Mom Guilt

I used to think it was bad when I wanted to leave the kids either at home with my husband or with my mom and just go get my nails done, go shopping, go exercise, or even go out to dinner with friends. I ALWAYS felt guilty whenever I had to the slightest thought to want to do something for myself. It took me 16 years to realize that giving myself a little care, giving myself some time wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. I found out that when I came back 30 minutes later or even a few hours later everything was just and everyone was fine.

Now that’s not to say that I abuse, take advantage of wanting or having time for myself, but I started doing it. I stopped having my children tag along when I wanted to go somewhere or stopped that feeling of guilt when I wanted to go do something for myself.

Your whole mindset, your emotions, everything is reset. It’s like you’re back to neutral. Whether is 20 minutes to a few hours take time for yourself. I not only realized but learned that I was important. I AM IMPORTANT, and so are YOU!

Your mental health and body will Thank YOU.

Start getting your healthy balance

3 things to start TODAY to give yourself time and sanity. I have been trying myself to do at least one thing a day or every other day (depending on the day) for my own stability and mental health

  1. Start Small. Go do something you ENJOY and can rejuvenate your soul:  Read a book, go for a walk, go for a workout. That small amount of time to yourself not only clears your mind but gets your body back to reset.
  1. Priotizie. Make a list of WHAT MUST get done and what can also get done, but can wait. The amount that MUST get done is much smaller than the add ons we usually take on
  1. Say NO: As moms we constantly add on additional things to our lives. It’s ok, we got it! But what if we didn’t take on that additional thing OR say YES to doing one more thing. It’s ok to say no. If it’s not necessary then it can wait OR someone else can do it.

Just because you want a little bit of you time doesn’t make you lazy. It doesn’t make you a bad person, a bad wife, or a bad mom. It makes you a person. A person who counts. A person who matters just as much as the next person does.

Let’s Start the Conversation on Balancing Career Life & Mom Life. Time for Mama’s to let go of the mom guilt and learn how to create a little bit of self care and healthy balance in their lives. There is only one you. Take care of you.

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